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Dear MBADA Parents & Dancers, As we all navigate and adjust to our daily routine, Maureen Bersuder Dance has been working hard to assemble a variety of online tools to help create a temporary studio. "Social distancing" may have cancelled dance class, but that doesn't mean the training has ended! We hope MBADA’s Virtual Dance Studio will bring a sense of normalcy, routine, and a highlight to you and your dancer. Since we must continue to move forward through this unprecedented time, our hope is to stay connected to our dancers and focused on their dance goals. We cannot wait to see our dancers and interact with them via Zoom. While connecting through an app and website may not be ideal, please know giving your dancer an iPad, phone, and laptop will not be screen time as we know of it. Instead, it will be “Movement Time!” Setup is easy; just carve out some space in your den, bedroom, or garage and charge up those devices prior to class. Before we implemented our virtual classes, we wanted to give our dance families ample opportunity to adjust their schedules and dancers not in school. As such, MBADA’s Virtual Classes will begin next week.


Please follow the steps below to attend MBADA’s Virtual Dance Classes:

  • Virtual classes will begin the week of March 30th

  • All dancers are required to create a ZOOM account by logging onto

  • Zoom accounts must be created, no later than, 12:00 pm on Thursday, March 26th

  • Once notified all dancers have created their ZOOM accounts, an invitation code will be sent to you. Each time you sign into a class, you will be prompted for the code. Please note: Classes may not be at the same times as your regularly scheduled studio classes.


Since it will be an adjustment, we will tailor online classes as to keep the dancers engaged. Classes will be divided into 30 minutes sessions to allow dancers to take a bathroom break, etc. We are excited to announce, dancers will also be allowed to take additional classes as well (for their age/ level) during this time. We are aware since most dancers are not in school, they now have a lot of free time. This dance season each of our dancers will be able to receive even more instruction and will have more time to practice at home.

As the saying goes, “The Show Must Go On!” Our dancers have worked hard all year for the 2020 recital. We obviously know the recital date will clearly have to be rescheduled, but as we move forward toward our Big Recital, we will notify all families on a new final date once federal guidelines permit.

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