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Good Afternoon MBADA Parents and Dancers,

Just a reminder... ALL dancers will resume evening classes with our regular yearly schedule starting tomorrow the week of Monday, August 17th. It is important all dancers attend classes as we are diligently working on our Recital dance performances. If all dancers are not in attendance (obliviously keeping our strict covid restrictions in mind) when we rehearse dances for the stage, it not only is hard for the dancer who is absent to remember the choreography but it also can confuse the staging for other dancers in the class.

We are also working very hard to finalize the new fall schedule that will begin the week after Labor Day (the week of September 14 th) Our schedule was finished and ready to announce, but we had to unfortunately make some recent major changes since we had several dancers who have just registered late. It is difficult to retain a great schedule if we are unaware of who is returning, but not to worry, as you know we always keep our parents’ schedules in mind and try hard to make classes convenient for everyone. We ask for your patience as we totally understand the delay during this crazy time. We are asking the parents/ dancers who have not registered yet to PLEASE contact Ms. Maureen and register this week. We have a great group of 2020/2021 dancers this year and want each of them to continue learning and really improving! All of our dancers are doing so well at this time we really hope ALL of our dancers will be returning as we have many great things planned for the upcoming year. Even though this has been a very crazy end of our season, we are so happy that our parents, dancers and staff have been in agreement to have our upcoming Recital!

Our staff along with all parents did not think it was a good idea and, of course, we all felt it was not in the best interest of our dancers and their families to rush our Big Production! Our dancers have been learning month after month! Our recital will just be placed in a different part of the year but fortunately this has not affected our dancers ability to learn. Our staff has also safely been able to acquire some new techniques and ideas during the summer months (safely of course) that we will implement in the upcoming season. We are very proud of the way our studio has handled this unprecedented time and can not express how appreciative we are that all of our fantastic MBADA families have been so cooperative along the way. We are proud to say, we do not know of another studio that has handled this pandemic with such intelligence, grace, and caution as ours.

This week staff members will be sending out reminders via text for your connivence. If you have not yet registered your dancer, need to order books, dvds, or recital family t-shirts please contact Ms. Maureen this week. Although Ms Maureen will be able to answer questions and register students this week, she will be unavailable this entire weekend as she is moving her daughter in to college out of town.

We also have been placing information on our Facebook page and asking all of the MBADA parents to like and share all of our posts. This will help keep many parents in the loop if they do not regularly check their emails.

Again, we appreciate your trust in us and please know we are proud to be a part of our dancers lives. They mean the world to us!


Your MBADA Staff

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